Moments from SiGMA iGAMING Malta with Evgeny Borchers, CVO
November 30, 2018
https://youtu.be/RUdVRlZa_w0 Hello everyone, we are the only ICO here that passed actually the whole ICO process, and we are the only in the blockchain iGaming field. So, what is SP8DE? SP8De...
Never Trust a Cat: Cha0s Cat Explains How He Will Draw the Winning Numbers
October 19, 2018
Hi, Cha0s Cat here! I promised to tell you more about how I’m going to draw the winning numbers for the Cryptokitties Charity Raffle, so today I will ...
CHAOS RNG: the First Use-Case Coming!
October 11, 2018
We are happy to announce the first use-case for Sp8de’s CHAOS RNG! As we are devoted to fair and innovative solutions, this first collaboration is both special and surprising. CryptoKitties are pio...
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SP8DE MVP Development: Stage 4 Completed!
The SP8DE team is happy to report that the 4th Stage of SP8DE’s MVP development has been completed successfully.
SP8DE MVP Development: Stage 3 Completed
Stage 3 of the MVP development has been completed successfully. The main efforts in this stage were concentrated on the core protocol development.