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SP8DE MVP Development: Stage 4 Completed!

October 04, 2018

The SP8DE team is happy to report that the 4th Stage of SP8DE’s MVP development has been completed successfully.

The core protocol of the SP8DE universe, named CHAOS, has been finalized. Provably fair random numbers can now be generated effortlessly. We are happy that our initial hypotheses were correct in that it’s really possible to generate millions of random numbers without difficulty! That’s enough to provide the world’s largest casinos with blockchain-backed fairness.

The most interesting aspect for you is, of course, about the test infrastructure and the demo web-site. We have created a demo-site with minimal-functional applications using the CHAOS RNG. These minimalistic applications will address the CHAOS RNG in order to draw random numbers, store the data, validate and make sure that the data are correct, ensure the process is provably random, and create blocks. The infrastructure was subject to extensive testing and debugging, and we can confirm that the MVP features work the way they were designed to; the reliability of gaming operations is ensured.

October will be a great month! The grand launch of the MVP is planned starting October 8.

We are currently working hard to present our own platform where you will be able to access the functionality of the SP8DE wallet and play SP8DE games! The first games will be presented progressively with the first game featuring well-known, multi-round, dice gameplay along with the space theme voted #1 throughout the SP8DE Game Concept Contest. What’s more, right from your wallet you will be able to address the CHAOS RNG to ensure that the games are provably fair.

These games will be the first fully functioning games in our ecosystem and, in the near future, numerous dApps will also be developed. Sticking to our initial roadmap, we are planning to have a hackathon in November to introduce our solutions to aspiring game developers.
Other than our own games, we are also working on acquiring new partnerships. Starting next week we will be able to tell you about some of our partners who will be using our protocol. They are truly amazing and well-loved both in the real and virtual worlds! Don’t forget to check out our updates – you will soon be seeing the first of many use cases for our solutions!

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SP8DE MVP Development: Stage 4 Completed!
The SP8DE team is happy to report that the 4th Stage of SP8DE’s MVP development has been completed successfully.
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