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SP8DE MVP Development: Stage 3 Completed

September 07, 2018

Stage 3 of the MVP development has been completed successfully.

The main efforts in this stage were concentrated on the core protocol development.

In early August the new SP8DE protocol’s name was revealed. SP8DE remains the company name but, as the core protocol was getting more “mature”, it needed its own distinctive name highlighting the best of what the protocol can do. This name is CHAOS.

CHAOS stands for provably fair randomness generated at a pace of more than 10 million random numbers per second. This makes it one of the fastest industry solutions and it is able to serve the entire interactive gaming universe, which accounts for more than $150 bln per year. The unique hybrid nature of the protocol combines both on-chain and off-chain components making it both universal and efficient. Easily integrated into both on-line and off-line environments, CHAOS will provide transparency and randomness to countless gaming providers including, on-line and off-line casinos, casual gaming developers, and decentralized applications.

The most important improvements to the core protocol were made in relation to the:
• Transactions display and validation API;
• Randomness verification.

The protocol is now being tested and debugged to ensure that the MVP version really provides the market with the most stable and secure solution for verified randomness.


The previous stages allowed us to create a huge part of the user accounts infrastructure, and in Stage 3 these works were finalized. The client library API development started in July, and in August the development team proceeded with both the library and external systems toolkit.

What’s more, the external systems integration module was finalized in the Stage 3. Gaming providers can now integrate SP8DE solutions using an easy intuitive interface.

Meanwhile, the testing environment is being built. To showcase the SP8DE solutions we will build a demo-site (in production since Stage 3) which will host some funny and easy to play games, totally transparent and fair. To pay tribute to the SP8DE community, we hosted a community contest allowing each and every member to come up with a unique idea and vote for it.

The Space Adventures theme, being the main creative idea of SP8DE ever since its earliest days, was voted #1. Other notable concepts were also submitted – from funny casual themes to the grim and dangerous atmosphere surrounding Victorian demon hunting.

In the next stage of MVP development (Stage 4) creativity will meet the technical perfection of the CHAOS protocol along with some inventive game mechanics; the result will be the first SP8DE game. In September we will continue to test and improve the systems at which point this final stage will culminate in the unveiling of the MVP.


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Stage 3 of the MVP development has been completed successfully. The main efforts in this stage were concentrated on the core protocol development.