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SP8DE AMA: Everything You Wanted to Ask!

November 20, 2018

Is the Chaos protocol a new blockchain? If so, are we going to have our own sp8de blockchain? and are we going to have a mainnet/token swap to that blockchain?

When are you going to exchange the ERC20 tokens for the native ones?

Own chain exists in our plans and ambitions, but its creation is quite a sophisticated process which won’t be completed before 2019. When it happens, of course, you will be notified on which impact it has on SPX tokens, which are the benefits and opportunities for you and what you should do about it.

Do you guys have any thoughts on Exchange listing or are you firstly working on having a fully working product?

When will you be applying for more exchanges. Currently the price is easily manipulated, which many big exchanges do not like and will not onboard, how are you going to try and overcome this when applying for more exchanges?

Yes, we are actively communicating to exchanges to provide more exposure for SPX trading.

My last question is about partnership, what is your thoughts on this and how is your approach? Where in the world will sp8de go live first?

We have a few market segments, and we are working simultaneously with potential partners in all of them. Our solutions have many possible use-cases in the gaming and entertainment industry (and not only). Our primary focus is still gaming and gambling (or interactive gaming, iGaming as they call it now, as these fields are merging together), so we are seeking strong partnerships with:

–    Off-line (land-based) casinos;

–    On-line casinos;

–    On-line and mobile gaming;

–    On-chain gaming and gambling dApps;

–    Traditional firms’ promotions.

With players in mind, we are also working on our own platform – it will function both as an outstanding entertainment platform and a demo of what blockchain can do for iGaming. Our partners are global companies with an international mindset and crisp understanding of the role that innovations play in the gaming field.

Will you make an update of the roadmap?

Yes, the roadmap will be updated soon. That far we are sticking to our initial plans.

How are you in this bear market? Do you have enough funds to keep it going till next bull?

Many members of our team come from the crisis-shaken markets, and some of them remember the previous crypto breaks, so we know for sure how to survive in tough conditions. We operate under a few scenarios, and the worst is lower than the current “doomsday” low. Nobody can say 2018 has been the best year for crypto, but we are luckier than many – we could see some projects launched soon after and failed to raise enough, meanwhile, we surpassed the softcap and got fully funded for development.

What do I need if I want to run a trusted lottery between me and my friends?

Very soon we will offer development packages for fellow dApps developers and later – white label solutions on-chain (one can just take it from us and operate an own game).

When we look biggest holders, we see 4 address have more than 1/4 of the supply. Do u what these addresses are?

One of these addresses is an account with funds frozen according to the initial agreement.

Will you be getting an accredited independent 3rd party auditing company to audit the randomness of the RNG, to help enable assurance and adoption of Chaos?

We are in process of independent review and certification.

Will you be ensuring that Sp8de tokens are required for future games and raffles?

Will you make it policy to need SPX to play games and future lotteries.

Yes, our native currency is needed to play our games.

How much of the ICO funding will be used for promotional marketing?

We won’t give you the exact numbers, as we are still in quite a competitive industry. Our promotional budget is heavier for the platform launch.

Adoption of Chaos is the only way Sp8de will increase in value. How are you currently trying to onboard partners?

Despite all the novelty, it’s a product with a quite clear value proposition and easy to understand benefits. Yes, it takes time to explain the blockchain concept to those who were never introduced to it before, but “efficiency’, “low costs”, “security” etc. are the universal language the business speaks. We are happy to have a dynamic team who makes it come true, and great advisors who are helping us with network development (their number is growing).

When are you likely to publish your first games? Not raffles but games?

The first game is practically ready to be open for our community in the coming weeks. After that, the SP8DE game will come and more development for our gaming platform.

Are you going to airdrop spx to eos holders?

At the current moment, it’s not in our plans.

what will happen with the erc 20 tokens? i don`t understand EOSIO and have no idea how an EOS wallet works, how to get one, and why paying for a wallet to get it?

We are developing a cross-chain platform, so we are not leaving Ethereum, and you will be able to use these tokens. Usage of Cha0s protocol fully deployed on EOS will require EOS-compatible tokens, which in the case of a fork will be provided to the current SPX holders. When it happens, we will inform all the holders in advance on how they can get new tokens in addition to the existing ones and provide an instruction. Basically, using EOS tokens is not much different from using Ethereum. There’s a number of wallets that can be used, and some of them (for example, the most popular Scatter) support both ETH and EOS.

Is it easy for other blockchain startups to copy your Chaos protocol?or create something similar?

Decentralized provably fair solutions are not easy to develop. It took quite a long time and much efforts from our developers to create it. The point is, there’s no need to copy or create it from scratch because they can get it from us. Our business model involves others using our solutions for the common good, and to the most prominent concepts which contribute to the blockchain adoption, we are ready to provide extra support and special conditions.

What makes your product unique?

It’s not a unique trait but a combination of factors: Cha0s protocol combines the benefits of off-chain and on-chain solutions, and this hybrid nature makes it faster, more secure and more efficient than other existing protocols.

Due to the fact that many of us are not real gamblers but would like to participate in some of your games (without investing big amount of SPX), are you going to make some kind of rules that to participate in the certain games ‘entry’ is fixed (such as 100 or 1000SPX)

That’s a very good point, the games that are being developed now have fixed stakes.

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