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Moments from SiGMA iGAMING Malta with Evgeny Borchers, CVO

November 30, 2018

Hello everyone, we are the only ICO here that passed actually the whole ICO process, and we are the only in the blockchain iGaming field.

So, what is SP8DE? SP8De is the blockchain pRNG company that tokenizes the RNG itself. That means – you’re a casino, what is the heart of your operations, it’s the RNG, right? Everything is about that RNG thing. But is it only iGaming? It’s not. It’s games, video games, up to science, anything. Anything where you want and you need an RNG.

We started in 2017, end of the year, and up to 2018 we finished the ICO. We created the RNG on Ethereum and main blockchain Cardano is almost done, we registered transactions on the EOS chain with Cryptokitties: we created a raffle and saved actual cats. With Cryptokitties we raised money – somebody could win a cat, this Cryptokitty cat, and we donated that money – that was our MVP, that’s how we tested our RNG – that it’s entirely secure, it’s true, everything!
We are across three countries, 4 teams, 5 nationalities.

SP8DE Wallet – it’s the main component of our platform that is going to come in the future. SP8DE Wallet is crypto-fiat-collectables and raffles – in the wallet. You can create a raffle if you want based on our RNG, you can transact crypto to fiat to buy collectables and so on.

Games that are coming right now – within a week that’s Dragoshi (kill the dragon), DiceGala – before the end of the year, is with AI, with a chatbot, everything based on our RNG.

Next step will be entirely on EOS, so we are going to create a sidechain, which is going to scale our RNG. So, our RNG is blockchain agnostic, which is off-chain and scalable (it can be off-chain and on the chain itself).

“Quick” video game is in development, which is something like Candy Crush, you know, social game. And that’s the future – Win X, that’s our platform.

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