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SP8DE MVP development: Stage 2 completed!

August 01, 2018

The SP8DE team is proud to announce that the second stage of MVP development has been successfully completed. The previous stage was mostly dedicated to the infrastructure creation for the end users. A big part of the infrastructure, which allowed for the creation of personal cabinets (user accounts), purchases, token deposits, and the ability to execute transactions and to access the basic API, was developed in the previous stage.

Within the current stage the basic protocol development went further to provide the verified randomness and ease of integration. There were significant changes made to:
• The modules of integration;
• Randomness generation;
• Operations history (storage module).

New members joined development team, and their expertise in UX/UI helps us to create easy to use, smooth interfaces. Technical sophistication now meets simplicity and comfort, and much of their time was dedicated to further development of users’ infrastructure and security systems.

There also was significant progress made with regards to the clients library development, in August these works are expected to be 100% completed, which means that the system now can be efficiently integrated with both the on-line and land-based gaming providers back-end.


That was a great step for us, but even more important things are yet to come! As all of these core elements are executed, we will be able to finalize the core systems and start building the testing environment throughout the next stage. Shortly, within the next month, we will be developing the demo web-site showcasing how our system works, and of course this web-site will contain demo-games!

After that – the crucial stage of fine-tuning and debugging, warming up the engine, and checking everything one last time, and… and then everything is ready for us to play!

“The first stages of development are of utter importance – it’s here that we saw our initial plans to be correct, – Evgeny Borchers, SP8DE CVO, says, – Now we can proceed smoothly to reach our final goal – fully transparent, easy to play, exciting games of chance!”


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