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Sp8de MVP Development: Stage 1 Completed

July 01, 2018

As we reported last week, we successfully completed the first stage of the MVP development. So, what does it mean and how far did it take us down our road to a more transparent and efficient gaming world?

This time we were focused on the infrastructure creation for our end users. It was a complicated task, as our solution caters to all kinds of iGaming industry operators, both on-line and land-based, who provide all kinds of games with their own specific rules and features.

We can now report that a big part of the infrastructure has been created, including that of personal cabinets (user accounts) which allows us to register and authorize new users within the system. These users can start using it right away.

The user can now purchase SPX tokens, deposit them and realize transactions. Remember the question, “how are the tokens to be used?”. For casinos and other iGaming providers they are the currency which will be used to address the random numbers generator (RNG), buy a a subscription or purchase other system services. The value of the token will be recognized as it is used in numerous transactions and provides access to pure randomness and transparency.

The current development stage allows users to access the API with its basic interface. A universal solution for all kinds of games is provided – as we mentioned earlier, the Sp8de protocol doesn’t need to know the rules of the game except those that are most common to the game (number of possible outcomes); therefore, it can be widely applied to a large array of different gaming products. It’s an additional proof of fairness – Sp8de protocol cannot have any impact on the process except that for which it is designed, so it provides equally fair and transparent conditions to both the casino and the player.

As the system evolves, there will be more opportunities provided for both casinos and players. The next big update will be available in late July and then we actually will show you some of the system on the interface level. As the MVP development goes on, the system will become more and more sophisticated providing not only incredible speed and total transparency but also security and opportunity to create totally new users experience – again, in July we will tell you about some amazing features which are not present in the market yet and are waiting for the right minute to be “unlocked”!


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