Sp8de is a new-generation blockchain gaming platform, based on the Cardano – a project that builds the unique entropy-injecting Proof-of-Stake protocol Ouroboros, which allows for the development and operation of distributed casino applications by eliminating completely all of the problems of traditional and online gambling environments. Sp8de provenly trumps all other blockchain casino projects as it allows players to bet as small amount of bet as they want, to know the result of their bet the very moment of the conclusion of the game, and all this, while being confident that neither the casino nor other players can manipulate in any way the outcome of the dice roll.

How blockchain can help

Because handling the money through a third party goes along with fraud and scams, the blockchain approach is the perfect tool for the gambling industry.

Every transaction is confirmed by multiple parties and visible to the public.

Project status

At the moment, we are at the development stage, and things have to be checked for safety and so on.


The SP8DE project is now being listed on a number of exchanges. You can check the following ones: IDEX, Bleutrade, Kkcoin