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SPX tokens: what you need to know?

September 13, 2018

SPX is the native token of our platform, the “key” to everything that SP8DE has to offer. It’s a utility token which means it doesn’t represent an equity; it provides access to the services which will be available for the first time when the SP8DE MVP is launched.

Unlike equity tokens, the value of a utility token is created when services are rendered and used by both players and gaming providers.
As for the players, the tokens will allow them to play the many games provided on the platform, and the universality of the protocol will make the range of potentially deployable games incredibly wide. To begin with we will have a demo-set of simple games which will grow into more sophisticated games comprising innovative gameplay and cool design elements developed by SP8DE and our partners. But playing games is not the only opportunity that players will have to interact with the SPX token; blockchain and its ability to flawlessly store and transmit information will allow us to build a fair and efficient rewards program so that SPX will also function as a utility to collect loyalty points, rewards, and bonuses.

Our B2B partners (all kinds of interactive gaming providers) will soon be using SPX tokens in their daily operations as well. The tokens will allow them to access the CHAOS protocol and use the random numbers generator. As more features are being added to our solution, they will be able to subscribe to other services and operate the Marketing-as-a-Service system on blockchain (to be launched in 2019). As we are getting closer and closer to rolling out the MVP, we are in frequent communications with our partners regarding pilot integrations and are confident that SPX tokens will soon be used for all kinds of gambling and betting purposes.

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