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SP8DE on EOS: Why We Chose It and What to Expect

November 09, 2018

This week, our first smart contract on EOS was executed: CHAOS protocol run for the first time to provide provably fair random numbers which were documented on the blockchain.

This was probably a surprise for many of you who were looking forward to the migration to Cardano, but we are still unable to operate on it: there are no smart contracts on main net needed for successful operations. With this in mind, we adopted a multi-platform approach and made sure that our protocol can work with any blockchain. The first blockchain we chose is EOS.

EOS, in many aspects, is similar to Ethereum, providing endless opportunities for dApps development, but currently offering more scalability and higher output. Output has already reached 3,000 transactions per second, and this number is increasing. EOS is envisioned to be the fastest blockchain with projected 100,000 tps in 2019.

The other important aspect is commission-free transactions which allows us to create low-latency zero-fee for casinos and other types of gaming platforms.

With significant support from Block.One and great plans for the future, no wonder EOS is highly attractive for game developers. The threshold of 50,000 daily users was already reached, most of them enjoying betting or playing simple games on the blockchain.

Interestingly, the current development of EOS includes  a cross-chain functionality: announcing of an option to “teleport” tokens from Ethereum to EOS.

We are exploring the perks of the EOS and we are seeking to complete the migration during the Q1 in 2019. That will allow us to expand our cooperation with dApps developers and offer them an easy way to build and operate any dApps on EOS. This will enable us to create fully functioning gaming platform with zero commission fee as well. We will share more about the changes later on when we are close to the completion of the deployment on EOS.

You can read here about our other plans for November and December blog post: https://sp8de.com/sp8de-development-in-october-bringing-fairness-to-blockchain/

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