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SP8DE Development in October: Bringing Fairness to Blockchain

October 30, 2018

October was a wonderful and busy month: the first use-case for CHAOS RNG was given to the pioneers of cryptogames – Cryptokitties –  for the very first Cryptokitties Charity Raffle. Run simultaneously on both SP8DE and Cryptokitties sites, the raffle is dedicated to making the world a little bit better, at least for cats.

Cat Town Oakland, a Californian non-profit organization, will use all the funds collected to help real cats find a new home. And all the raffle participants will get an opportunity to win some nice prizes. In October we also welcomed Cha0s Cat, the first blockchain cat who will make the raffle draw. The Cha0s Cat explains how he is going to do it in our blog: https://sp8de.com/blog/

During the preparation for this first public demonstration of CHAOS protocol (will be held on https://cryptokitties.sp8de.com/) we will make sure, again, that the integration is easy and doesn’t require the knowledge of any additional languages or any other extra efforts. It’s a great benefit and it is another aspect that helps to attract the attention of potential partners whom we met during Igromir’s gaming conference as well as in other meetings held throughout October. CHAOS protocol is now undergoing the processes of external reviews and certification, which is a crucial step to perform before we announce the integration with the first real-world gaming providers.

In October and November we have a number of important steps, including:

  • Empowering and rewarding our community via:
    • A series of educational & development events (the first ones to be held in Russia starting end of October);
    • Web-site being translated in languages other than English;
    • December festivities, of course, using our solutions.
  • Development of our own platform:
    • The first SP8DE game development has entered the final stage, and in November we will open access to it for the first users;
    • We also started building the casino infrastructure, so the first stones to the SP8DE casino foundation are laid!
    • Finally, we started the integration process of the third-party solutions to our platform to widen the scope of opportunities we will offer to our players.
  • Efficiently collaborating with partners worldwide:
    • Solutions we develop cater to all kinds of providers interested in fair and transparent outcomes: off-line, on-line, mobile and on-chain gambling and gaming, corporate activations and many more;
    • Processes are also initialized to introduce SP8DE to larger exchanges.

One of the most important things that we have planned is leaving Ethereum for another chain in order to be able to provide high-throughput zero-fee transactions. We are working actively in this direction and as we are nearing the completion of all the development procedures, we’ll announce the much expected token swap!

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