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It’s raffle time!

October 31, 2018

We are happy to see your support for the Cryptokitties Charity Raffle! The funds raised will help the cats of Cat Town Oakland live a better life and find new homes.

The raffle will be closed today (October, 31) at 23:59 PST. However, some extra time is needed to finalize fiat payments processing, it will be executed till 04:59 PST (November, 3). The winners will be announced on November 4 at 11:59 PST at https://cryptokitties.sp8de.com!

Totally there will be 10 winning tickets:

  • The one and only winner of the exclusive Dog(Cat)!
  • 3 winners of the other rare cryptokitties.
  • 6 lucky winners of the special prizes from SP8DE

Good luck!

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