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ho!-Ho!-HO! Merry Christmas Dear Sp8ders and Supporters!

December 25, 2019

In todays letter I would like, not only to wish you a Merry Christmas, but also wrap-up the 2019 year as a whole with : achievements and fails, gains and future developments.

While it might look that the 2019 Year was a total failure for the sp8de project, I’m here to assure you that it was NOT, but rather it was a phase of recovery and slow-steady growth.

How ?? You might ask yourself as a supporter & hodler that contributed liquid cryptos at all-time-high prices and expected a return of many X ’s that did not come !?

Well here is the answer : As any other project, SP8DE went through and will go through phases in the cycle… on its way to success. As you all might know that cycles have both positive and negative phases in its development. However those negative phases are there for a reason!
And that reason is to learn and go through obstacles in order to achieve our goals for SP8DE.

The promises made in end of 2018 with delivery in 2019 had to be sacrificed when we discovered (while developing the initially planned DAPP), that we could do something more then just a DAPP, with the Quantum Mechanics -based chip, all our plans had to be re-planned, and some given-up… this decision was made in order to build an original product much more needed, and not only for the iGaming Industry.

But don’t get me wrong, the games that where developed are going to be released and just moved to the bottom of the list, it is because the main piece of software is getting the 100% of our attention, “first things first!”. We truly work hard to show the alpha version of the software by the next year’s 8th of January 2020. We have achieved to connect the chip to our own blockchain, add the built DAPP with the chaos protocol in its core, what we struggle at the moment is the synchronisation of the nodes, the changes in the code where made to be able to connect the qrng-chip for SPX “mining”. When we solve the issue, we will be able to connect the front-end (which was completed already since beginning of the year) with the above mentioned blockchain in alpha version, test it, improve it, then add the games that are also for the most part ready…
all of the above will be compounded in a manifestation of Success in 2020.

It is your decision whether you will be a part of this success or not, it is your vision that would help us manifest this project in the collective reality of 2020.

Guys Rome was not built in a day! Bitcoin was not build in a year or two !!!
So please!!! Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Exciting to come New Year!!!

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