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Everything You Need to Know About the Cryptokitties Charity Raffle

October 15, 2018

Hi guys,

I’m the Cha0s Cat, and I am happy to tell you about the raffle that we host to support Cat Town Oakland!

You probably have many questions, so here we go, I will answer the most common ones, and if you have more to ask, please send me an e-mail – [email protected] or just ask in the Telegram chat: t.me/sp8de.

So, first of all: why are you doing it?

  • The purpose of this raffle is to raise some funds for Cat Town Oakland. They are helping cats – I like it! And with the help of Cryptokitties we can help them to help our off-line, off-chain relatives. We also can have some fun together and some of you will even win nice and cool cryptokitties!

How much money will you leave for yourself?

  • Here our purpose is pure charity, SP8DE takes nothing, all the funds raised will be used by Cat Town Oakland.

How do I participate?

  • It’s actually really easy, you just go to https://cryptokitties.sp8de.com/, choose your payment method, enter your e-mail, choose how many tickets you want to buy and proceed with payment. The easiest one will be Ethereum – Cryptokitties are ERC-721 tokens, so if you win, you will need an Ethereum wallet anyhow, and your prize will be send automatically to the same wallet from which you executed the payment. So please, don’t send your Ethereum from an exchange! You don’t want your prize to end up in someone else’s wallet! Also, it’s very important that you enter the Data ID as it is required – it allows us to identify your transaction. Some wallets (like Coinbase) don’t have a specific field, so it’s recommended to use MyEtherWallet, Mist or Metamask – any wallet that allows you to give us more data. If you don’t provide us with your Data ID, your transaction still will be valid, but we won’t be able to identify you by your e-mail!

What about other payment methods?

  • You can also pay with BTC, it works the same (except the Data ID part). Fiat transactions are not an option now, I apologize. So, if you want to pay with fiat, send us an e-mail with how many tickets you want to buy to [email protected], and we’ll notify you as soon as it’s available!

Where can I see my tickets?

  • We are on blockchain, right? So, as soon as your transaction is confirmed, your “ticket” is already in your wallet! You can check it anytime on etherscan.io just by clicking on your transaction or by copying the transaction hash and pasting it to the Search field. You will see there everything that identifies your transaction, when, from where, to whom it was sent. And you can go to the wallet where you sent it to and check if it’s in your wallet (sure it is, but what if you’re wondering). All the valid transactions are participating in the lottery, so as soon as your wallet confirmed your transaction, consider it done! (with fiat it works pretty much the same way – we have all the necessary data in the transaction hash, but it’s much less transparent, that’s why we need crypto, after all).

What will happen next?

  • Ok, when the raffle is closed, my time comes! I’m a blockchain cat, and from your transactions data I know who bought tickets and how many entries they have. My next task is, finally, to show you some randomness on blockchain and pick the winning entries. I will make a special article and show you how I do it, it’s interesting!

What will the winners get?

  • I will make 2 draws: in the first one I will choose the lucky one who will get the Dog(Cat)! In the second one I will define 3 more winners who will get other great cryptokitties!

What are these cryptokitties worth?

  • The price for cryptokitties is also defined by the market. The minimal price for the Dog(Cat) existing is 40 ETH, but cryptocollectors say it can easily hit 100 ETH due to its rarity (there are only 12 of them in the whole world, so they are pretty lonely). The most expensive cryptokitty ever was sold for 600 ETH!
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