SP8DE: New Year Resolutions
January 11, 2019
The first two weeks of the year were rocky, and we’ve already seen gains and drops, hopes and despair. No matter how the market goes right now, everybody is quite sure 2019 will be the year for cry...
Great Opportunities for Decentralized Applications!
December 20, 2018
Scalability is the key topic for all the blockchai...
SP8DE AMA: Everything You Wanted to Ask!
November 20, 2018
Is the Chaos protocol a new blockchain? If so...
SP8DE on EOS: Why We Chose It and What to Expect
November 09, 2018
This week, our first smart contract on EOS was executed: CHAOS protocol run for the first time to provide provably fair random numbers which were documented on the blockchain. This was probably ...
CHAOS Protocol: How to Verify Provably Fair Random Numbers
November 05, 2018
Gambling is the field where the cost of one mistake can be crucial. For example, recently, a FanDuels player couldn’t claim his $82,000 reward because of what FanDuels say is a software ‘glitch.’ ...
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SP8DE MVP Development: Stage 4 Completed!
The SP8DE team is happy to report that the 4th Stage of SP8DE’s MVP development has been completed successfully.
SP8DE MVP Development: Stage 3 Completed
Stage 3 of the MVP development has been completed successfully. The main efforts in this stage were concentrated on the core protocol development.