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SP8DE to rule the world in 2019

February 26, 2019



Dear Sp8de community, 

In this letter I would like to make you aware on the current situation of the project.

I would like to start with a Thank You. Thank you for being supportive all this time and be very resistant to the long time of quietness and ignorance from my self. For those that weren’t, well I can just say, SORRY.

I’ll be honest with you… the journey after the raise has been pretty hard in the sense that there was lots of pressure that came from very intense work in an uncertain environment. In other words the whole time was some sort of drama either between the team members, or between the team and contractors. After one year of this “Fury Road” I can tell you that a lot of pain had been gained. It’s like “what doesn’t kills us makes us stronger” thing, the weak ones have dropped and I don’t blame them – we all have straights and weaknesses. I can just wish them all the best of luck.

From the initial founders just the two of us remained, me and Alex Kash., the other part of the team has moved on to another projects. Only one employee Artem Semenikhin remained to work with us and became a part of the co-founders team, the rest left, as we had no cash to pay them. Thats a part of the journey I guess. However we’ve also added a couple of members to the team of co-founders, these are 3 developers that write C++, Python and JS, they too received a stake of the company, and are very dedicated to SP8DE.

We have released the protocol on GitHub which was written with our old employees. 

That piece of software was made for Ethereum, and at this point is not really scalable, and as you all already know we are currently developing a protocol for EOS, on the base of which we will be doing the DRAGON game as well. The protocol should not take more than month for the BETA. Once EOS smart contract with the protocol will be deployed we will then move the SPX token to EOS. This will happen with an exchange at 1:1 ratio. Hopefully by then we will also have the front-end of the protocol tied to the smart-contract, inside we had in plans to make the exchange in order to make it as simple to move the token as possible. 

We have applied to several exchange listings, and within a couple of days we might get an answer. 

Let me remind you of the VISION of the SP8DE project. 

Sp8de’s mission is to become the Number 1 RNG provider in the Gaming field. We have the ideas and are building the solution that will make the iGaming industry a transparent way of having fun and excitement. We are not giving up even after all of the obstacles that we had and will have in the future. 

SP8DE is unstoppable,

Best Regards, 


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