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Great Opportunities for Decentralized Applications!

December 20, 2018

Scalability is the key topic for all the blockchain community, and it will be the hottest topic of 2019. For SP8DE it’s especially important – while dApps still have a limited audience and a few thousand users per day play even the most popular games, brick-and-mortar casinos, and online platforms are enjoying a stable flow of players and are in need of hundreds and thousands of random numbers per second.

The Cha0s protocol can generate an immense number of random numbers, and EOS blockchain helps us to provide the highest transactions speed. Our development team is now working on Cha0s protocol deployed on EOSIO, and they are happy to report they achieved a significant success aligned with the latest EOS development (to be finalized in Q1 2019).

After the launch of the EOS mainnet, Phase 4 of the EOS own roadmap has started – the Phase of Parallel Optimization. This phase was planned for Fall 2018, and out CTO, Alexander Gorshenev, has assured that EOS itself is moving forward with parallel processing.

What does it mean for SP8DE? EOS already has a higher transactions speed than many competitors and allows for zero-fee transactions execution. “Parallel processing creates great opportunities for decentralized applications, numerous dApps will be able to have their transactions processed simultaneously with Cha0s protocol powering them all”, – Alexander said. That means that with less load on the infrastructure we will be able to provide our protocol as a service to off-line, online and purely on-chain platforms with greater efficiency.

The operations performed now are dedicated to these processes optimization to ensure the protocol is running smoothly on-chain, and their first results will be seen in the game which we are preparing to soft-launch – Dragoshi’s Lost Treasures.

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