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CHAOS RNG: the First Use-Case Coming!

October 11, 2018

We are happy to announce the first use-case for Sp8de’s CHAOS RNG! As we are devoted to fair and innovative solutions, this first collaboration is both special and surprising. CryptoKitties are pioneers in the industry and one of the first blockchain games in the world and we are proud to be working with them on their next charitable project.

For many, Cryptokitties has been their first experience with blockchain technology, and very few dApps have made more for crypto adoption than they have. Cryptokitties is the first blockchain game to beat 10 000 DAU (daily active users) and, even in bear market conditions, is still topping the dApps rankings by user base and trade volumes. It was the first game to show the value of digital ownership, explain blockchain transactions, and bring fun to tech; so, of course, it’s a great pleasure for us to announce the Cryptokitties Charity Raffle!

This Charity Raffle is an amazing project showing how blockchain solutions are bringing actual change to the real world. We have the raffle hosted at https://cryptokitties.sp8de.com, and all of the funds raised will be used by Cat Town Oakland. Cat Town is a project with no chains or cages and since their start in 2011 they’ve helped to reduce the city’s euthanasia rate for cats by 70%. Through this collaboration, together with Bitcoin Private Foundation, Node Worldwide, and private crypto philanthropists we will demonstrate that the power of blockchain is much bigger than most think, as it actually has the capacity to save lives! This activity has been recognized and acknowledged by the San Francisco Blockchain Week, and the Cryptokitties Charity Raffle will be launched at an exclusive party at the event.

Of course, crypto lotteries and charity raffles are sometimes subject to concerns. How do they ensure the draw is fair? How can we make sure that nothing is rigged? Here, and for the first time, we will use Sp8de’s CHAOS RNG – the essential part of our MVP – to pick the winners. The first winner will get an exclusive Dog(Cat), a unique virtual creature, one of only twelve in the world (worth more than 100 ETH). The drawing for the Dog(Cat), and 3 other super-rare Cryptokitties, will take place on October 22, at which point we’ll announce the results on the same site.

For us, this is not only a great opportunity to publicly demonstrate the performance of the CHAOS RNG while helping to solve a real world problem, but it’s also our first initiative within the lottery segment. We can guarantee that the raffle drawing will be completely fair, as it features a part of our Enterprise solution aimed to host nation-wide lotteries.

Altogether, it’s a wonderful opportunity for us to work with these blockchain pioneers and to use our solution as part of a raffle with a nice, wholesome prize fund of more than 100 ETH! And, you know what?

“What is there in this world that truly makes living worthwhile?” Death thought about it. CATS, he said eventually. CATS ARE NICE.” (Terry Pratchett, Sourcery)


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