What is SP8DE?

A team that has emerged out of dust and morning air, a project that has survived and moves forward against all odds and sticky circumstances, a community that has witnessed all the red flags and yet has held their faith, and till today is strong together, a time in history that once again allows the daring ones to dream big and hope for a better tomorrow, an idea that until now unites us all under one umbrella and has succeeded in conquering the calculative minds of the industry giants, and finally, it is the token that serves as an ultimate measure of success of failure.

We are a truly multinational team: four Russians, one German, a Cypriot and at least four guys from the US. We are blockchain-enthusiasts and have been in the field for years: the passion for this emerging world has brought us all together and is till now integral for all we do. However, SP8DE is not just blockchain-based solution for whatever comes in mid, it’s not a theory or mathematics exercise. Instead, it is a turn-key solution for a very fundamental problem of trust that proliferates in a variety of industries.

We are united behind an ideal of a fair dice, no matter the application: as soon as fairness is warranted and can be compromised, we want to offer a solution, a cure for all doubts. As opposed to mathematical properties of a random process that shapes the long-term trends and tendencies, cryptographic security deals with how participants in a given protocol can unduly influence, manipulate or fake its outcome. SP8DE aims to design and deploy a solution that would prevent any participant in a protocol of collectively generating a random value to influence in any foreseeable way it’s outcome.

Right now, we all go through a tiring period of awaiting the promised results. We try to build a company out of a team, we try to make it right. We follow the stated roadmap and beyond anything else value the support, integrity and faith of our community.