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$1 Billion

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Sp8de Building a Better Blockchain Environment for Online Gambling
Like many things in our modern world, the internet has made different detectors easier and more enjoyable. Online Gambling is once such sector that has improved greatly from going online; not only for the industry but for the players too.


Sp8de Announces Blockchain for the Internet of Gambling, Pre-ICO Is Live
Blockchain technology and the emergent cryptocurrency industry is championing a bold and exciting reinvention of online gambling, built on transparency, security, and anonymity. Blockchain-based casinos are on the rise, creating lucrative investment opportunities with an approximate growth of 292% last year alone. Blockchain has the potential to disrupt the online gambling industry by providing transparency to all transactions, drastically reducing house edge and lowering transaction costs, ensuring anonymity of participants and security of all exchanges.


Blockchain Startup to Bring a Casino Platform You Don’t Need to Trust
Gambling has been part of human history since the very beginning and its reputation never really has improved over time. The arrival of Blockchain technology might truly make a difference. SP8DE, a new Blockchain-based gaming project, aims to bring a platform capable of supplying unbiased public randomness for developing and running casino apps.


Sp8de Bringing Fairness and Functionality to Blockchain Gambling
Online gambling has become a hugely lucrative market as the ease and comfort of betting on the internet draws more and more users in.


The Online Gambling Industry is Ready to Bet on Blockchain.
A new start-up, S P 8 D E seems to think so: online casinos are stacking the desk and ripping us off, and Sp8de is here to fix it.


From the Las Vegas to blockchain code. SP8DE ICO is coming…
Just like anything else, the gambling and betting industry underwent periods of transition, some were good and some were not so good.


With the issues of fairness being ticked with regards to gambling on the Blockchain, the issues of Blockchain scaling and micropayments, to name a few, need to be addressed to. This is why Sp8de is looking to create the environment for Blockchain gambling games to function on.
Sp8de is a platform that is allowing casino game builders to set themselves up on. It will allow these operators to utilize feature-rich application with zero-house edge, on top of cutting the fees to nearly nothing.


Using blockchain, this company wants to make online gambling less of a gamble
Gambling, in one form or another, has been around for almost as long as civilization. It is a pastime, and a lucrative business, that has been able to grow and evolve. And now, in the 21st century, it is bigger than ever thanks to the internet and online gambling.


块链新兴公司带来一个无需人为信任的赌博平台  从很早以前开始,彩票就已经成为了人类历史的一部分,但它一直名声狼藉,且从未真正得到改善。区块链技术的到来可能真的会带来改变。SP8DE是一个新的基于区块链的彩票项目,聚焦为赌场应用程序的开发和运行提供一个公正的、随机性的平台。


SP8DE: o padrão de qualidade para jogos distribuídos O SP8DE está aqui para mudar a forma como as pessoas pensam sobre os Jogo de Sorte. Assim como Bitcoin mudou a forma como as pessoas pensam sobre o dinheiro.


Sp8de - implemented within a protocol created and maintained by scientist, pioneers in the realm of blockchain innovation and cryptography development, has its aim to revolutionize the ever-growing gaming industry as we know it today.


The online gambling industry is showing record growth year after year, with projections that the global online casino market can reach almost a $100 billion in the next 7 years. This rising trend, coupled with the increasing popularity of blockchain technology and its inherent utility for casino applications, has prompted Spade to enter the space with a unique value proposition.


Meet Sp8de: A Decentralized Platform for Gaming Apps
Blockchain technology entered the mainstream in 2017 thanks to the meteoric rise of Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. And since the dot com boom of the late 90’s, gaming and gambling have been gradually migrating to online platforms.


SP8DE – The Standard for Distributed Gaming
The contemporary gaming industry is plagued with inefficiencies and is flawed by design: nothing that is online and centralized can be fully trusted to deliver what it claims.


Jackpot I A total of
288,888,888 SPX
10 Jackpots each of
28,888,888 SPX
Jackpot I
Jackpot 288,888,888 SPX
10 x 28,888,888 SPX
Unsold 85 126 282 SPX
10 x 8,512,628 SPX
Total JACKPOT 374,015,170 SPX
10 x 37,401,517 SPX
29% INCREASE !!!
Jackpot II A total of
388,888,888 SPX
28 Jackpots each of
13,888,888 SPX
Jackpot II
Jackpot 388,888,888 SPX
28 x 13,888,888 SPX
Unsold 143,163,844 SPX
28 x 5,112,994 SPX
Total JACKPOT 532,052,731 SPX
28 x 19,001,883 SPX
37% INCREASE !!!
Jackpot III A total of
888,888,888 SPX
100 Jackpots each of
8,888,888 SPX
Jackpot III
Jackpot 888,888,888 SPX
10 x 8,888,888 SPX
Unsold 99,957,349 SPX
100 x 999,574 SPX
Total JACKPOT 988,846,237 SPX
100 x 9,888,462 SPX
11.25% INCREASE !!!
Jackpot IV A total of
1,888,888,888 SPX
888 Jackpots each of
2,127,127 SPX
Jackpot IV
Jackpot 1,888,888,888 SPX
888 x 2,127,127 SPX
Unsold 1,888,888,888 SPX



The core of the SP8DE platform is the so-called Khronos protocol. It will be capable of outputting random numbers at arbitrary frequencies serving as a smart-contract powered API for generating on-chain entropy. Building on top of the Cardano blockchain, our protocol is based on commit-reveal mechanism, the only 100% bullet-proof method to generate distributed randomness. It will inherit the security features of Ouroboros, the beating heart of Cardano blockchain, while maximizing the output frequency.

The detailed description of the workings of the SP8DE protocol can be found in our White Paper. We also plan on publishing a series of articles elaborating on the current stance of cryptography research on generating distributed randomness within inherently deterministic blockchain environment.

Total World Market Cap estimated
in 2017 is $108 514 Millions
Top 20 countries in the world:
1 China flag China
32 536
2 USA flag USA
25 426
3 Japan flag Japan
14 048
4 Germany flag Germany
4 430
5 Britain flag United Kingdom
4 238
6 Korea flag Republic of Korea
4 203
7 France flag France
2 977
8 Canada flag Canada
1 968
9 Spain flag Spain
1 918
10 Italy flag Italy
1 881
11 Russia flag Russia
1 531
12 Mexico flag Mexico
1 418
13 Brazil flag Brazil
1 324
14 Australia flag Australia
1 242
15 Taiwan flag Taiwan
1 030
16 Indonesia flag Indonesia
17 India flag India
18 Turkey flag Turkey
19 Arabia flag Saudi Arabia
20 Thailand flag Thailand
Gambling Revenues
(Millions of USD, October, 2017)

Tokens Distribution

8,888,888,888 Sp8de tokens (SPX) will ever be supplied. Twenty percent will remain with the Sp8de Foundation which are reserved for advisory, airdrops, employee compensation packages, marketing, bounty, market making, and other project development activities. The other eighty percent are divided into two parts – one portion is dedicated to the Sp8de crowdsale and the other to the Sp8de Jackpots for the Sp8de investors.

The crowdsale is divided into a Pre-Sale and four Sale phases. The price per token after each phase increases to stimulate early investment. In addition, investing early gives one a higher chance to win a Jackpot later on as there is probability of getting tokens with higher factor. Also investing early allows for possible participating in all four Jackpot rounds which contain smaller jackpots called Lots. The chance of winning a part of the Jackpot depends upon the amount contributed to the crowdsale by the investor.

Unsold tokens are not burned but rather distributed in an equitable way to prevent the allocation of large amount of tokens to a single investor. The Jackpots are an extremely important and large part of the token distribution so make sure that you understand well how they work by checking the Jackpot Paper and the White Paper.

The Jackpots: Number of Lots
in a Jackpot and Rewards
35,000,000 30,000,000 25,000,000 20,000,000 15,000,000 10,000,000 5,000,000 0
1000 900 800 700 600 500 400 300 200 100 0
10 28 100 888 2,127,127 8,888,888 13,888,888 28,888,888
Jackpot Size Number of lots and per lot reward
Team & Advisors
Alexey Kashirsky
CEO & Co-Founder

IT Mining Engineer graduate the Moscow State Mining University.

MBA program of Mining Nitu «MISiS» Advisor to the General Director of NP «Miners of Russia» and an adviser to the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, in the association «Industrial minerals»- an assistant to the president.

Mikhail Krapivnoi
CIO & Co-Founder

CIO & Co-founder ex Ceo of Man & Machine.

A robotics research Company Multi Entrepreneur Champion in Online Poker and Chess Member of the AI Research Association Blockchain Evangelist and just a cool guy.

Evgeny Borchers
CVO & Co-Founder

A visionary, experienced business expert focused on cryptocurrency investing, Fin-Tech, and affiliate marketing since 2013.

Co-founder of a number of Fin-Tech projects, the most recent one of which DCEX, a digital currency exchange.

Alexander Baykiev
CMO & Co-founder

Responsible for the digital marketing, media communications, and creative content development to develop and sustain the brands of a number of businesses

Lyubomir Serafimov
Chief Operating Officer

Lyubomir headed the development of multiple cryptocurrency exchanges across Europe and US.

His knowledge of the academic literature on market microstructure and its applications to liquidity provision are integral to Sp8de’s token market availability while his knowledge of financial mathematics is essential to the technical design of the protocol.

Mikhail Vakhrin
Chief Business Development Officer

Mikhail’s experience in financial engineering and in devising complex algorithms are now fundamental to the technical design of the Sp8de protocol.

Having raised funds in US and Europe, he is also an experienced entrepreneur and passionate speaker and is now strengthening the business relations for Sp8de.

Konstantin Katsev
Blockchain Gambling Advisor

Konstantin has over a decade of experience in marketing, web-development and entrepreneurship, as well as 2 years of productive work with blockchainrelated infrastructure.

He is currently involved in marketing and promoting the world’s largest blockchain lottery platform, True Flip

David Wainwright
Blockchain Gambling Advisor

An active investor & platform builder for over 20 years.

Built and sold companies in over 20 countries including NetplayTV (Playtech), TelecomsTV (Oxygen8), HollywoodTV (Golden Race) and WHO Studios. Co-Founder of CryptoPad and founder of RealCasino and TheRedBox.

Artemy Zorin
Advisor Graphics Design

Interactive designer user interface and visual style for web and mobile applications.

Visual design and branding manager, head of design department, «Yodiz» studio.

Alexander Uglov
Marketing Advisor

Blockchain-evangelist and visionary.

Has experience of staging in several projects C (SONM, Humaniq, etc). CEO of the Russian Media digital agency. Possesses 8 years of experience in Internet marketing and creating web services.

Norman Chou
Strategic Business Advisor

Norman Chou is a blockchain expert that brings 20 years plus of experience from the IT industry in Silicon Valley developing business partnerships globally.

Not only has he surpassed his goals in enterprise sales year over year, he is a thought leader in Blockchain technologies. He has numerous engineering accreditations specializing in Business Marketing and Communications.

Viv Anand
Strategic Business Advisor

Viv is a big believer in Blockchain technology and expects it to fundamentally change the way we live.

He has a wealth of diverse work experiences including in corporate America (GE & McKinsey) and technology sales (Datalink, Nimble Storage & HPE).

Daniel Montaner
eSports Gambling Advisor

World Champion Pro Gamer and Management/Consultant in eSports for teams such as compLexity, Evil Geniuses, and FaZe Clan.

Voted Best Counter-Strike Player 2005 and North American Player of Decade.

Lantz Litchfield, Ph.D.
Gaming Security Advisor

Dr. Litchfield is a company executive and principal of a myriad of diverse professional service groups having extensive experience with a variety of organizations including Fortune-500 companies, government agencies, and military projects at the highest level of security covering industries such as Gaming, Internet e-commerce and dot-com start-ups. He holds a Ph.D. in Information Technology Management as well as the following computer security and IT сertifications: CISSP, CSGE, CSGA, CSGI, CCSE+, CSE, CCSA, CCSI NG, NSI and NSA et al

Alexandr Malkov
Legal Advisor

Aleksandr is co-founder and CEO of Arbi (legal and escrow services for ICO), member of top 100 blockchain legal advisors in CIS, member of Expert Council on Digital Economy in the State Duma of the Russian Federation.

Dominikas Shpota
Legal Advisor

Dominikas is a Co-Founder and CFO of Arbi (legal and escrow services for ICO), serial Entrepreneur with a wide range of expertise: Cryptotrader, Financial Director of and Managing Partner of SB Burgers.

Brian Krug
Tech Business Development Advisor

Brian brings an immense experience from a number of tech companies in California - he was a VP for over half a decade at Cisco, he is the founder and CIO at ITapp and currently Senior Director at ServiceNow.

Andy Smith
Tech Entrepreneurship Advisor

Tech marketer by experience, geek by destiny, Andy is General Partner of Center Electric, LLC where he invests in and helps grow early-stage companies as they build the Internet of Things (IoT). For the past 20 years he has served as an executive in the high-tech industry leading teams at Intel, Dolby Labs, BIGWORDS, LiquidWit, Analysis Group, Polaroid, Integral Inc. and PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

Ahsan Ali
Tech Business Development Advisor

Ahsan Ali is a blockchain and crypto currency enthusiast bringing over 20 years of Sales & Engineering experience in high-tech industry. With a proven track-record in creating innovative strategies to sell products and services to Fortune 500 companies and carrying 100 million plus sales quotas. Ahsan is a thought leader in building and advising startups in Silicon Valley and APAC.


Proof of Concept
Dec. 2017 Private Capital
January 2018
8 February 2018
Exchanges Listing
March 2018
MVP Protocol Development
July 2018
ERC20 Token to Native Token
August 2018
Hackathon Event
November 2018
Platform Development
December 2018
January 2019
Gaming License Acquisition
January 2019
First Game Announcement
January 2019
Casino Launch
February 2019
Poker Protocol Dev.
May 2019
Poker Alpha Testing
July 2019
Poker Beta
October 2019
Poker Tournament 1
November 2019
Shelley Phase:
No smart contracts as of yet;
Cardano debit cards: ADA becomes seamlessly spendable
Other general improvements of Cardano: less relevant for SP8DE
Goguen Phase:
Plutus core, Cardano Computation Layer (CCL), IELE virtual machine
Plutus Core: the state of art scripting language allows execution on IELE
IELE virtual machine: execution of smart contracts, development of Solidity translators
Feb 18
Mar 18
Apr 18
May 18
Jun 18
Jul 18
Aug 18
Sep 18
Oct 18
Nov 18
Dec 18
Jan 19
Listing on Exchanges
ICO campaign
Deployment of the Solidity-based MVP and Coin Swap
FCT protocol: Development of the commit-reveal functionality
GOD feature: Development of the PVSS protocol for the GOD
Scalability: Exploring the feasibility of using side-chains to boost efficiency
Economics of DApps: Vast research on the optimal economic model for DApps
Coin swap: Swapping ETH tokens for Cardano-powered UIA
SPX debit cards: Making SPX instantly spendable to boost token utility
Solidity-Plutus translation, migration on Cardano
Plutus-driven SP8DE: Compiling the SP8DE protocol using Plutus
Scalability: Comparing the general efficiency parameters across implementations
Decentralized house: Development of casino DApps decentralized at all levels of the design and implementation
Poker protocol and Money transmission:
Deploying the SP8DE-powered poker protocol
Tapping into the MT business for high risk industries
Feb 18
Mar 18
Apr 18
May 18
Jun 18
Jul 18
Aug 18
Sep 18
Oct 18
Nov 18
Dec 18
Jan 19