What is SP8DE?

Sp8de is a protocol for blockchain-based platform with multiple features that are essential for the growing blockchain gambling industry and whose solid implementation is lacking in any of the currently existing projects in this space.
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Token Utility Wallet Blockchain
The Search
Engine of Gaming

Spade is a platform for developing decentralized casino applications.

Inspired to Create

Spade is decentralized marketplace for gaming with no frictions and no barriers to entry. 

White Noise Powered Fairness

Voting mechanism is implemented on the protocol level: the rating of an application reflects the true consensus of the stakeholders and is immutable.

Legally Complient

Spade is intended to be fully compliant with all the required regulations.

Software license

Getting access to the universe of applications just requires you to own the native token of our system, SPX.

Gaming Chip

Betting within Sp8de ecosystem is done only using SPX. By owning SPX, you share a part in protocol’s success.


SPX is used to reward the developers fairly on the protocol level.

Decentralized 3.0

The backbone of Sp8de, the Cardano blockchain is the first Proof-Of-Stake protocol without security compromises.

Scalable and Efficient

Tens of thousands of transactions per second: no user experience constraints.

Sp8de Smart Contracts

Smart-Contracts scripting language that was specifically designed for this.

90,000 80,000 70,000 60,000 50,000 40,000 30,000 20,000 10,000 0
2,000,000,000 1,800,000,000 1,600,000,000 1,400,000,000 1,200,000,000 1,000,000,000 800,000,000 600,000,000 400,000,000 200,000,000 0
white-star 98 888
888 888 888
white-star 88 888
388 888 888
sale I
white-star 78 888
585 858 585
sale II
white-star 68 888
886 868 686
sale III
white-star 58 888
905 050 511
sale IV
sale I
sale II
sale III
sale IV
Phase I
Phase II
Phase III
Phase IV
Tokens distribution SPX per ETH

The amount of SPX received for one ETH falls after each Sale round and in this way SPX is the cheapest during the Pre-Sale.

The amount of SPX distributed during each sale increases steadily after the Pre-Sale. The Jackpot amounts also increase in similar fashion but at much greater rate.


Each token being sold has a specific factor attached to it, the jackpot factor. The likelihood to win a lot is proportional to this factor.

Mind, that jackpot factors are ordered: even within one sale round, earlier contribution is rewarded with more ‘powerful’ tokens. The distribution of these factors for every round is shown in the table above.


Participants in the earlier jackpot rounds have small chance of winning large lot, while those participating later have higher chance of winning, but are rewarded with smaller lots.

In addition, earlier contributors participate in more jackpot rounds. This shouldn’t discourage late participation: the largest combined pool of prize tokens is played during the fourth jackpot round.

Prime minister of Russia, Dmitry Medvedev (middle front) and Alexey Kashirsky (on the right) In the Mining University of Moscow. Alexey was teaching Information Technology in the Mining Industry at the time.
Now Alexey is a senior fellow at the Center for Blockchain and Quantum technologies MISiS (National University of Science and Technology MISiS).
Igor Ribakov (right) Founder of TechnoNICOL and Ribakov Fund and Mikhail Krapivnoi (left) student and entrepreneur at the Mail.ru Group's "Preactum" entrepreneurial mind activation Final Cup. Mikhail is a champion in Online Poker and Chess. He believes that Blockchain is here to save the world.

Team & Advisors


CEO and Co-founder
IT Mining Engineer
graduate the Moscow State Mining University
MBA program of Mining Nitu "MISiS"
Adviser to the General Director
of NP "Miners of Russia" and an
adviser to the Russian Academy
of Natural Sciences,
in the association
"Industrial minerals"-
an assistant to the president.

Alexey Kashirsky CEO & Co-Founder

CIO & Co-founder
ex Ceo of Man & Machine
A robotics research Company

Multi Entrepreneur
Champion in Online Poker and Chess
Member of the AI Research Association
Blockchain Evangelist
And just a cool guy.

Mikhail Krapivnoi CIO & Co-Founder

A visionary,
experienced business expert
focused on cryptocurrency
Fin-Tech, and affiliate
marketing since 2013.
Co-founder of a number of Fin-Tech projects,
the most recent one of which DCEX,
a digital currency exchange.

Evgeny Borchers CVO & Co-Founder

Responsible for
the digital
marketing, media
and creative content
to develop and
sustain the brands
of a number of businesses.

Alexander Baykiev CMO & Co-founder

Interactive designer
user interface and visual
and visual style for
web and mobile applications.
Visual design and
branding manager,
head of design department, „Yodiz“ studio.
Cool Dude.
Loves Blockchain.

Artemy Zorin Advisor Graphics Design

Blockchain-evangelist, visionary.
Has experience of staging
in several projects
C(SONM, Humaniq, etc).
CEO of the Russian Media
digital agency.
8 years' experience
in Internet marketing
and creating web services.

Alexander Uglov Advisor Marketing

Norman Chou is an blockchain
enthusiast and believes
that blockchain will impact
esociety in the most
positive ways.
worked for technology companies including CDW
Dell, and EMC

Norman Chou Advisor Strategic Business

Served as a risk manager
in a number of firms in
the financial services industry,
built risk systems and processes
supporting the liquidity provision
of cryptocurrency exchanges,
and developed arbitrage trading
strategies. An economic advisor to
the Open Trading Network project and a
Chief Strategy Officer at a
digital currency
exchange – DCEX.

Lyubomir Serafimov Advisor Operations


The Online Gambling Industry is Ready to Bet on Blockchain.
A new start-up, S P 8 D E seems to think so: online casinos are stacking the desk and ripping us off, and Sp8de is here to fix it.

Sp8de Announces Blockchain for the Internet of Gambling, Pre-ICO Is Live
Blockchain technology and the emergent cryptocurrency industry is championing a bold and exciting reinvention of online gambling, built on transparency, security, and anonymity. Blockchain-based casinos are on the rise, creating lucrative investment opportunities with an approximate growth of 292% last year alone. Blockchain has the potential to disrupt the online gambling industry by providing transparency to all transactions, drastically reducing house edge and lowering transaction costs, ensuring anonymity of participants and security of all exchanges.

From the Las Vegas to blockchain code. SP8DE ICO is coming…
Just like anything else, the gambling and betting industry underwent periods of transition, some were good and some were not so good.

The online gambling industry is showing record growth year after year, with projections that the global online casino market can reach almost a $100 billion in the next 7 years. This rising trend, coupled with the increasing popularity of blockchain technology and its inherent utility for casino applications, has prompted Spade to enter the space with a unique value proposition.
Sp8de - implemented within a protocol created and maintained by scientist, pioneers in the realm of blockchain innovation and cryptography development, has its aim to revolutionize the ever-growing gaming industry as we know it today.
SP8DE – The Standard for Distributed Gaming
The contemporary gaming industry is plagued with inefficiencies and is flawed by design: nothing that is online and centralized can be fully trusted to deliver what it claims.